Friday, April 12, 2013

keep it simple

Written by Matt Lange

Read Numbers 14 and Act 4

Acts 4:12 "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."...

Remembering my days of old, I was thinking of how invincible I thought I was. Truth be told it is amazing I am alive today to tell others about it. Anyway my thoughts took me to how I looked for "salvation". We all have our ways of getting through the day, moment or hour. We try whatever is easiest for us and depending on our environment we have different means of "salvation" around us. Following are some examples of "salvation"... money, success at work, friends, drugs, alcohol, sex, cutting others down, exercise, reading, medication, keeping busy and other things. You can fill in whatever word you want.

Do you remember the story of Moses leading the children out of Egypt? They found "salvation" in a man who was a leader. Some believe God was in control, some didn't. For a time those who believed went along with the plan as Moses lead them. After a period of time each individual had their own doubts about this plan and where it was that Moses was leading them. Much like us (or, we like them) as time goes on we tend to forget who is our Provider. Eric has mentioned how easily we forget...

We try to find "salvation" however we can. Rest assured that if we continue to forget the provisions of God, we will be miserable. As it was for the Bible greats, things WILL be tough. It WILL get hard some days. How we handle ourselves as an example to others, is our witness.

How is your belief in Salvation through the Lord Jesus? If we rely on Him, our salvation can be peaceful. I see many Christians forgetting that Salvation involves our present situation. Salvation is our eternity, but it also is involves our lives each day and each hour..

Instead of opinions on how to be a Christian, should we not live in the reality of what Christ has done for us? Personally I can't keep rules and opinions straight in my head. I would rather believe God is Who He says He is. I can rest in my salvation easier that way.

Keep it simple.

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