Thursday, July 31, 2014

Father, forgive them for they know not VI

The things The Lord would accept as unintentional sins by the people of Israel that are listed in Leviticus were pretty amazing: robbery, extortion, refusing to publicly testify as to what really happened, utters an oath to do evil.

A common reaction we humans have when we wake up in the morning after having behaved badly. "What have I done?" we ask ourselves in shock and dismay. We can't imagine how it ever seemed to be the thing we chose to do.
The writer of Leviticus states, "when he realizes his guilt or when the sin that he has committed is made known to him, then he shall bring a...lamb, or goat, or two turtle doves...or if he can't afford that, an ephah of fine flour."

I have a very good friend who is not a Believer. He has looked at all the world religions but has turned away from them all, for he said,  "I need forgiveness ."

Me too.

In my morning after dispair, I've found hope in all the sin offerings that the righteous Jehovah accepted of the Israelites-- even an offering of just a few cups of flour.

How much more will the offering of the Precious Lamb of God be accepted by our Heavenly Father, guilty as I may be.

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