Monday, September 8, 2014

I thirst III

So they put a sponge of sour wine and put it up to His mouth. And when He had received the sour wine. . .

To think that the very first miracle that Jesus did was to turn water into extraordinarilry good wine and that His last drink was sour wine, one wonders. Did He ever do anything to make things easier for Himself?

Today my brother-in-law was horribly burned and injured at his work. It's so very hard not to wonder why God allows such things to happen. Several people have told us that they immediately put this information on their prayer chain. My wife has been reassured that many people are now praying for him. 

But why did this need to happen at all? Why do we have to plead to God to make this better?

The only "answer" that gives me comfort is that the Lord Jesus went through a situation that more than matched my brother-in-law's, and though He had often made things better for others, He would not make things better for Himself. 

What could be the reason, the purpose of my brother-in-law's pain? Why does he have to drink from such a sour cup?
I have no idea, but it is something our Lord also did, and He did so when He could have changed the situation.

Did good come out of the pain our Lord accepted for Himself? Incredible good. And will good come out of the pain my brother-in-law is bearing? That is where we trust God.

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