Wednesday, October 9, 2013

sermon on the mount--less is more

The sermon on the mount reflects a different way of thinking. One of Jesus' first “thought revolutions” is His suggestion in the Beatitudes that somehow it is the people who have less that really have more. This sentiment may be comforting to us “have-nots,” but, as Verizon commercials have proven: less is not really more. Although there are often correlations between physical and spiritual blessing (Luke 16:19-31), poverty is not the secret to happiness. We all know a lot of poor people who are not blessed in this life and are working hard to avoid blessing in the next.

So if less is not more and more is not more (Matt. 19:23-24), what, then, is more? Jesus seems to suggest that there is an economy that transcends the physical world. In this economy, suffering can be joyous, loss can be gain, humility can be glorious, and so, in that sense, I suppose, less can be so much more.


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