Saturday, October 19, 2013

sermon on the mount --peace is made through finding the common ground

How is peace “made?” It seems natural to make conflict: just listen to anyone talk long enough and you will hear something with which to disagree. When someone's opinions, preferences or logic fails to gel with your own it is natural to find yourself at odds. So how is peace made? Does peace require the sacrifice of your own opinions, preferences or logic?

Peace is a work of connectivity. To “make” peace one must find common ground between contrary positions. This is what Jesus, THE Son of God, did. He connected God and man by being both God and man. The Peace-maker was literally the Son of God.

In II Cor. 5, the children of God are commended to the “ministry of reconciliation.” As people who are both sinful and righteous, Christians are in a unique position to try to make peace between sinful man and Righteous God.


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