Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sermon on the Mount --ask

Ask and it will be given to you.

A standard question that my wife asks me is, “Well, did you pray about it?”

I respect my wife. She has an almost supernatural intellegence in knowing how to connect with people. But sometimes it seems to me she understands things a bit simplistically.

I misplace my keys and she asks me if I've prayed about it.

I'm just a little upset by something. I'll get over it, just give me a little time. And she asks me if I've prayed about it.

I do pray about important things, like a relative coming back to the Lord. And I pray about keeping my job—"just two more years, Lord, and I can collect social security." I pray about my parents going through some of the very unpleasant struggles of old age.

But pray about my misplaced keys?

My adult son misplaced his keys when he and his wife were with us last weekend.

It's sort of silly, I thought, but I prayed, “Lord, help him find his keys.”

Before the prayer had left my brain, my son said, “Here they are.”

“Thank you Lord.” I prayed. “ I appreciate you didn't mind me asking.”

Later I asked my wife, “Did you pray for his keys too?”

“Of course,” she said.


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