Sunday, December 8, 2013

sermon on the mount --He cares for us, like a Father

Give us this day our daily bread

On my very first day in college, just before I was to write the check for my semester meal ticket, I discovered someone had cleaned out my checking account. Though all my other college costs had been paid for, I had no money for food, except for the thirty-some dollars I had in my wallet.

I was terrified.

I managed to survive that semester on rice, onion soup mix and bananas, though I was often hungry.

When I went home for Christmas, my dad and I had a dad to son talk about how things were going at college. Very matter of factly, he told me how he was going to increase his financial assistence so I could get a meal ticket for the next semester.

Not until then did it dawn on me: when things were so hard, why hadn't I called my dad? For eighteen years he had taken care of me. Certainly he would continue to care for me.

I deeply appreciate the “Lord's prayer.” When I pray the prayer I think, “Thank you Lord for food—for plenty of good food!”


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