Thursday, December 26, 2013

sermon on the mount --the sin of worry

Worrying is a sin. Jesus says more about worrying in Matthew 6 than He does about lust, hate, divorce or false vows in Matthew 5. Why is worrying so disdained by Jesus?

Worrying, perhaps as much as any other sin, challenges the very nature of God. When we lust we may do so because we see something we want. When we lie, we may just be trying to get out of trouble. But when we worry we are saying that God does not love us enough to take care of us, that God is not faithful enough to keep His promises to us, that God is not powerful enough to resolve our situation.

My kids do not worry about where the food or clothes will come from. They don't even have to think about the “what ifs,” should I get fired or our house burn down. They trust me implicitly and I am not all-loving or all-powerful.

The lustful may balk at the command “don't lust.” “How do I do that with so many beautiful women around?” The liar may puzzle at the command “don't lie.” “Do you know what would happen if I came forward with the truth? I have to lie a little.” But as peculiar and difficult as it may sound to some -in the words of Jesus: “don't worry.”


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