Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Father, forgive them for they know not XI

I have never had someone come up to me spontaneously and tell me he forgave me. When I was in college I had  friend who was so forgiven. He was forgiven for his arrogance and for his bad manners and, it seems, for his very existence. 

Like Daniel, he was not impressed. 

I liked this kid. I let him know I liked him. He was odd. He had no social skills. But those are qualities that don't require forgiveness.

Curiously, it is often things that are not our fault which cause us the most guilt--or cause others to see us as guilty: things like not catching a baseball, or having a sick child, or missing a church meeting because of helping someone in need, or not being joyful in times of tragedy.

How thankful I am to be forgiven by the One who knows what my true needs are for forgiveness, and who is faithful and just to forgive my sin and to cleanse me of all my unrighteousness.

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