Saturday, August 30, 2014

Woman, behold your son VIII

My wife is not impressed with how impressed I am with important people. Obviously I’m not alone. Most everyone likes to be near a great sports star, or statesman, or a famous preacher. Dogs don’t care. They don’t care if the person they are with is the president of the United States or a bum on skid row. Only people care about importance.

I wonder if the Lord’s mother could quite understand how important her Son was? She knew Him intimately as a tiny baby, then as a toddler, then as a young child…I wonder if she could see Him as anyone but her son, so very human and, at one time, so very dependent upon herself?

The Westminster Creed tells us “the chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” As God incarnate, the Lord Jesus was all glorious; and a person with understanding would recognize this and worship Him for who He was.

Perhaps Jesus was reproachful to His mother because He was helping her see Him for all that He was—the One to be worshipped and thus, enjoyed forever.

All good moms eventually lose their sons.  Sons have to be their own persons, apart from their mothers. Mary may have lost that special relationship with her Son that only a mother can have with her child, but, so much better, she could have her Son forever, just as all who come to Him can have Him forever. 

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