Sunday, August 10, 2014

Today you will be with me III

There are certain people that I really like to be with. And there are some people who I don't mind being with. Some people I have to work very very hard to be with.

Of course, that works in both directions. There are a few people who are always delighted to have me around--but not very many. And there are a few people who I know to stay away from for I don't want to ruin their day.

The one thief on the cross asked the Lord Jesus just to remember him when He came into his kingdom--like Joseph asked Pharaoh's cupbearer to remember him when he returned to his place in the palace. The cupbearer did remember Joseph, though it took him a couple of years

Jesus promised the thief much better than he asked, "Today (this very day!) you will be with me in paradise.

Sometimes I'm a little bit embarrassed to be me. That's part of the reason I sometimes don't want to be around certain people. But I would really like to be with Jesus. I won't be causing Him any unpleasant surprises as He gets to know me for He already knows me, perfectly. Same with the one thief. The Lord Jesus knew him. He knew Him perfectly and He wanted him to be with Him in paradise which is forever.

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