Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Woman, behold your son IV

John seemed to characterize himself as a “favorite” of Jesus. He regularly describes himself in his gospel as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” He speaks of himself as resting on Christ's bosom during the last supper. In these words of Christ, he is even elevated to the position of replacing Jesus in the family.

I wonder how the other disciples responded to John's view of himself as “the disciple that Jesus loved.” Did they balk at this description? Were they upset when John insisted on taking in Mary?

In John 21:21, Peter asks Christ about John. To this Jesus answers, “what is that to you?” Peter has been charged with his own task of “feeding the sheep,” he need not worry about John.

I try to view myself as a favorite of Jesus, too. This does not mean to me that He loves others any less. But it does mean that I see myself as especially responsible to Him. I think the title “the disciple that Jesus loved” is one we all might wish to bare.


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