Friday, August 22, 2014

Today you will be with me XV

When I was a kid I watched my uncle twice scam my father. Against his better judgment, twice my father invested in pyramid schemes. It wasn’t that my uncle was deliberately scamming my dad. My uncle was a great believer. He was utterly sure that this latest scheme would be his (and my father’s) pathway to riches.

We humans are great believers. I’m not sure why. Is it because of peer pressure? Others believe it, so we don’t want to be left out?

I went to a church one time that showed a series films by an end-times preacher. The last film was a detailed description of how Armageddon would be set in motion by Saddam Hussein. But when the film was shown, Saddam was already in his spider hole. After the film everyone in our church expressed enthusiasm for the insightfulness of this preacher.

I went to a Pentecostal revival meeting where the preacher proclaimed half the congregation healed, but they weren’t. So the next night, they all came back to be healed again.

Our Lord Jesus deals only in the truth. He proclaimed Himself the Truth. Real Believers believe real things.

We have an obligation to be Believers in the Truth. If we believe everything that comes along, we are not truly Believers.

The thief on the cross believed the Truth. Because he believed the truth, that very day he was in Paradise with his Savior. 

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