Thursday, August 7, 2014

Father, forgive them for they know not XIII

My life is a series of episodes of profound ignorance. Ironically, I know this. Yesterday I climbed on a Ferris-wheel at a county fair with two kids and three tickets, not realizing that the ride required four tickets apiece. I seemed to be the only person who made this mistake. How can everyone else just naturally know these things?

As was discussed, a great measure of ignorance is required to kill the Son of God. This may be, perhaps, the most profound act of ignorance in the history of the world. Yet Israel did not think they were ignorant. Israel seemed to think they knew exactly what they were doing. They even went so far as to request that they be held responsible for the death of Jesus (Matt.27:25).

It was mentioned that we do not have a lot of examples of people asking for forgiveness in Scripture. Maybe they don't ask for forgiveness because they don't realize what they did. Ignorant people are not only ignorant, but they are often ignorant of their ignorance.

As sinners, we are all ignorant. None of us realize the significance of our sin. We may like to think of ourselves as the blind given sight, but we still live in ignorance, missing the mark without knowing it. A characteristic of being forgiven is not that we have risen above being ignorant, but rather we have learned just how ignorant we might be.


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