Monday, November 18, 2013

sermon on the mount --love your enemies

Some have argued that the Bible never really says “hate your enemies,” however hating one's enemies is a central theme of the Scriptures. Israel was to kill surrounding nations with extreme prejudice. David spoke of the importance of hating those who hate the LORD (Psalm 139:21-22). Even God identifies people and sins that He views with hate/animosity.

I like just about everything. I have relatively few “hates,” and no one I would see as an “enemy.” This, however, does not mean that I have no enemies. I have not chosen any enemies, but plenty of people have seen enough reasons to dislike me.

It is natural for God to love His enemies. Why? Because He did not choose them as enemies. Rather, He created a world of righteousness which we responded to with animosity. It is easier to love your enemies when your true preference is to have none.

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