Friday, November 1, 2013

sermon on the mount --hallelujah

According to Matthew 5:21-22, there are a lot of similarities between murderers and haters. Both seem to have comparable motives and receive comparable judgments. The difference being that a murderer may have the virtue of knowing that he is guilty, while the hater may not.

The law “do not kill,” like all law, was to show man's inadequacy to obtain righteousness before God. The righteous response to this law is not to point out all the times that we have not killed anyone, but rather to recognize all the times that we might have.

In “Pharisee righteousness,” a hater might look at a murder and boast “at least I didn't do what he did.” In “New Covenant righteousness” both the murder and hater must look at Christ's sacrifice and rejoice “Hallelujah, He did what He did!”

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