Tuesday, November 26, 2013

sermon on the mount --why so secretive?

The Lord moves in mysterious ways. In Matthew 6, Jesus alludes to the mysterious ways of God: We are to give in secret (v. 4), we are to pray in secret (v.6), God sees what is done in secret (v. 4 and v. 6), God is unseen (v.6).

Why does God insist on things being so secretive and veiled? Why does he not just come right out and label everything as what they are: righteous or unrighteous, blessed or cursed? Why does the hypocrite get to appear righteous while the truly righteous man remains, just like God Himself, “unseen?” Or why, for that matter, must God remain “unseen?” Why doesn't God just show Himself in profound, incontrovertible ways?

We must either walk by faith or by sight. The more that we “see,” the less we can believe. Which is more blessed: to see and believe, or to live in world of veiled, secretive righteousnesses and believe none the less?

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